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  1. Photo of Sam Irvin

    Sam Irvin Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Charles Band

    Charles Band Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of John Rheaume

    John Rheaume Screenplay

  4. Photo of Greg Suddeth

    Greg Suddeth Screenplay

  5. Photo of Mark Goldstein

    Mark Goldstein Screenplay

  6. Photo of Peter David

    Peter David Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michael Catalano

    Michael Catalano Producer

  8. Photo of Oana Paunescu

    Oana Paunescu Producer

  9. Photo of Vlad Paunescu

    Vlad Paunescu Producer

  10. Photo of Pino Donaggio

    Pino Donaggio Music

  11. Photo of Adolfo Bartoli

    Adolfo Bartoli Cinematography

  12. Photo of Margeret-Anne Smith

    Margeret-Anne Smith Editing

  13. Photo of Milo

    Milo Production Design

  14. Photo of Radu Corciova

    Radu Corciova Production Design

  15. Photo of Richard Joseph Paul

    Richard Joseph Paul Cast

  16. Photo of Jackie Swanson

    Jackie Swanson Cast

  17. Photo of Andrew Divoff

    Andrew Divoff Cast

  18. Photo of Meg Foster

    Meg Foster Cast

  19. Photo of Isaac Hayes

    Isaac Hayes Cast

  20. Photo of Julie Newmar

    Julie Newmar Cast

  21. Photo of Carel Struycken

    Carel Struycken Cast

  22. Photo of George Takei

    George Takei Cast

  23. Photo of Musetta Vander

    Musetta Vander Cast

  24. Photo of Jimmie F. Skaggs

    Jimmie F. Skaggs Cast

  25. Photo of Irwin Keyes

    Irwin Keyes Cast

  26. Photo of Mike Genovese

    Mike Genovese Cast