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  1. Photo of Ugo Chiti

    Ugo Chiti Screenplay

  2. Photo of Carlo Collodi

    Carlo Collodi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Francesco Nuti

    Francesco Nuti Screenplay, Director Cast

  4. Photo of Giovanni Veronesi

    Giovanni Veronesi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Chiara Caselli

    Chiara Caselli Cast

  6. Photo of Joss Ackland

    Joss Ackland Cast

  7. Photo of Leon Askin

    Leon Askin Cast

  8. Photo of Mel Berger

    Mel Berger Cast

  9. Photo of David K. Brown

    David K. Brown Cast

  10. Photo of Victor Cavallo

    Victor Cavallo Cast

  11. Photo of Pina Cei

    Pina Cei Cast

  12. Photo of Jacques Dacqmine

    Jacques Dacqmine Cast

  13. Photo of Frank Finucane

    Frank Finucane Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Muller

    Paul Muller Cast

  15. Photo of Novello Novelli

    Novello Novelli Cast

  16. Photo of Frank Page

    Frank Page Cast

  17. Photo of Charles Simon

    Charles Simon Cast

  18. Photo of Kevin Cavell

    Kevin Cavell Cast

  19. Photo of David Perkins

    David Perkins Cast

  20. Photo of Maurizio Calvesi

    Maurizio Calvesi Cinematography

  21. Photo of Mario Cecchi Gori

    Mario Cecchi Gori Producer

  22. Photo of Vittorio Cecchi Gori

    Vittorio Cecchi Gori Producer