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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film October

  2. Mari Santa Cruz's rating of the film October

    perhaps one of my most hated main characters ever.........

  3. Max Seqgar's rating of the film October

    Ending a film in "..." seems to me a lame way to excuse not being able to close the story. And too bad, it seemed like a great treatment of a well known story.

  4. suede's rating of the film October

    5/10. Great Peruvian deadpan humour. But: tediously slow cutting, a half-baked script, and terrible lighting decisions. The story centres on this moneylender's nearly windowless, rundown flat in Lima – dark walls, old furniture, etc. We get many long shots from inside this place, in an operatic aspect ratio. That's kind of interesting. But then the flat is also lit up like a TV studio. That just ruins it for me.

  5. Hani's rating of the film October

    Except for the same baby crying sound that kept repeating redundantly, this film is brilliant. You don't even need to follow the subtitles (if you are not a Spanish native) I'm looking forward to watch more films by the Vega brothers.

  6. Michael Harbour's rating of the film October

    A movie that should have been better. The parts are just fine, but the whole never brings the parts together to lift it to any more than an average movie.

  7. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film October

    Una historia sencilla de un hombre sin vínculos emocionales que termina humanizándose a través de una serie de incidentes circunstanciales. Su estilo parco y sutil, por no decir minimalista, nos remite al cine de Bresson, Kaurismaki y Kitano. Un prometedor debut.

  8. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film October

    A subtle and well crafted dark comedy about a loan shark whose life is stuck in a rut until he finds a newborn baby abandoned in his bedroom, a product of a liason with a prostitute. Uses deadpan humor to shade its tale of redemption with humanity and understated emotion. An unexpected joy.

  9. COMMON_GORE's rating of the film October

    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.