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  1. Photo of Wim Kayzer

    Wim Kayzer Director

  2. Photo of Freeman Dyson

    Freeman Dyson Self

  3. Photo of Leon Lederman

    Leon Lederman Self

  4. Photo of Steven Weinberg

    Steven Weinberg Self

  5. Photo of Edward Witten

    Edward Witten Self

  6. Photo of Stephen Jay Gould

    Stephen Jay Gould Self

  7. Photo of Elizabeth Loftus

    Elizabeth Loftus Self

  8. Photo of Gary Lynch

    Gary Lynch Self

  9. Photo of Jane Goodall

    Jane Goodall Self

  10. Photo of George Steiner

    George Steiner Self

  11. Photo of Martha Nussbaum

    Martha Nussbaum Self

  12. Photo of Richard Rorty

    Richard Rorty Self

  13. Photo of Roger Scruton

    Roger Scruton Self

  14. Photo of John M. Coetzee

    John M. Coetzee Self

  15. Photo of György Konrád

    György Konrád Self

  16. Photo of Rutger Kopland

    Rutger Kopland Self

  17. Photo of Germaine Greer

    Germaine Greer Self

  18. Photo of Simon Schama

    Simon Schama Self

  19. Photo of Wole Soyinka

    Wole Soyinka Self

  20. Photo of Tatjana Tolstaja

    Tatjana Tolstaja Self

  21. Photo of Dubravka Ugresic

    Dubravka Ugresic Self

  22. Photo of Vladimir Ashkenazy

    Vladimir Ashkenazy Self

  23. Photo of Catherine Bott

    Catherine Bott Self

  24. Photo of Richard Dufallo

    Richard Dufallo Self

  25. Photo of Yehudi Menuhin

    Yehudi Menuhin Self

  26. Photo of Rudi Fuchs

    Rudi Fuchs Self

  27. Photo of Karel Appel

    Karel Appel Self

  28. Photo of Maarten Kramer

    Maarten Kramer Cinematography

  29. Photo of Erik van Empel

    Erik van Empel Cinematography

  30. Photo of Vera de Vries

    Vera de Vries Producer

  31. Photo of Manuela Hartsuyker

    Manuela Hartsuyker Producer