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  1. Photo of Trần Thị Hải Yến

    Trần Thị Hải Yến Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lê Huỳnh Anh

    Lê Huỳnh Anh Cast

  3. Photo of Trần Thiên Tú

    Trần Thiên Tú Cast

  4. Photo of Đỗ Quốc Trung

    Đỗ Quốc Trung Cast

  5. Photo of Đoàn Bảo Sơn

    Đoàn Bảo Sơn Cast

  6. Photo of Nguyễn Quân Huy

    Nguyễn Quân Huy Cast

  7. Photo of Nguyễn Thế Nghĩa

    Nguyễn Thế Nghĩa Cast

  8. Photo of Trần Đình Cường

    Trần Đình Cường Cast

  9. Photo of Vũ Xuân Trường

    Vũ Xuân Trường Cast

  10. Photo of Ngô Phi Hùng

    Ngô Phi Hùng Cast

  11. Photo of Đặng Thanh Sơn

    Đặng Thanh Sơn Cast

  12. Photo of Trang Công Minh

    Trang Công Minh Cinematography

  13. Photo of Nguyễn Việt Hoàng

    Nguyễn Việt Hoàng Cinematography

  14. Photo of Guillaume Vétu

    Guillaume Vétu Music

  15. Photo of Hoang Kim-Tuyen

    Hoang Kim-Tuyen Producer

  16. Photo of Ngô Chuyên

    Ngô Chuyên Producer

  17. Photo of Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn

    Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn Producer, Screenplay Director

  18. Photo of Lê Lan Hương

    Lê Lan Hương Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Julie Béziau

    Julie Béziau Editing

  20. Photo of Franck Desmoulins

    Franck Desmoulins Sound