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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Phantom of Death

    *1/2. 15 years after the peak of the giallo movement in Italy, Ruggero Deodato came up with 'Un delitto poco comune'. Michael York, Donald Pleasence and Edwige Fenech (yum) were headlining the movie. And you know what? It's really but really bad. You definitely have a problem when you're unable to shoot a decent film sequence when on location in Venice. A DVD zone 'remind me why I bought this DVD'.

  2. Howard Orr's rating of the film Phantom of Death

    [Spoilers] Odd, very unbalanced but ultimately touching horror film, its final, tortuous scenes perhaps implying that old age turns us all into monsters.

  3. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Phantom of Death

    Starts out like a giallo, and then things get interesting. Nice performances from York and Pleasence.