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  1. Photo of Jan Ole Gerster

    Jan Ole Gerster Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jörg Himsted

    Jörg Himsted Producer

  3. Photo of Marcos Kantis

    Marcos Kantis Producer

  4. Photo of Birgit Kämper

    Birgit Kämper Producer

  5. Photo of Alexander Wadouh

    Alexander Wadouh Producer

  6. Photo of Philipp Kirsamer

    Philipp Kirsamer Cinematography

  7. Photo of Anja Siemens

    Anja Siemens Editing

  8. Photo of Juliane Friedrich

    Juliane Friedrich Production Design

  9. Photo of Magnus Pflüger

    Magnus Pflüger Sound

  10. Photo of Tom Schilling

    Tom Schilling Cast

  11. Photo of Marc Hosemann

    Marc Hosemann Cast

  12. Photo of Friederike Kempter

    Friederike Kempter Cast

  13. Photo of Justus von Dohnányi

    Justus von Dohnányi Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Gwisdek

    Michael Gwisdek Cast

  15. Photo of Rolf Peter Kahl

    Rolf Peter Kahl Cast

  16. Photo of Annika Ernst

    Annika Ernst Cast

  17. Photo of Katharina Hauck

    Katharina Hauck Cast

  18. Photo of Inga Birkenfeld

    Inga Birkenfeld Cast

  19. Photo of Leander Modersohn

    Leander Modersohn Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Hofmann

    Robert Hofmann Cast

  21. Photo of Mayra Wallraff

    Mayra Wallraff Cast

  22. Photo of Katharina Schüttler

    Katharina Schüttler Cast