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  1. Photo of George Burns

    George Burns Cast

  2. Photo of Suzanne Pleshette

    Suzanne Pleshette Cast

  3. Photo of David Birney

    David Birney Cast

  4. Photo of Louanne

    Louanne Cast

  5. Photo of John Louie

    John Louie Cast

  6. Photo of Conrad Janis

    Conrad Janis Cast

  7. Photo of Anthony Holland

    Anthony Holland Cast

  8. Photo of Hugh Downs

    Hugh Downs Cast

  9. Photo of Joyce Brothers

    Joyce Brothers Cast

  10. Photo of Wilfrid Hyde-White

    Wilfrid Hyde-White Cast

  11. Photo of Marian Mercer

    Marian Mercer Cast

  12. Photo of Bebe Drake-Massey

    Bebe Drake-Massey Cast

  13. Photo of Gilbert Cates

    Gilbert Cates Director and Producer

  14. Photo of Josh Greenfeld

    Josh Greenfeld Screenplay

  15. Photo of Hal Goldman

    Hal Goldman Screenplay

  16. Photo of Fred S. Fox

    Fred S. Fox Screenplay

  17. Photo of Seaman Jacobs

    Seaman Jacobs Screenplay

  18. Photo of Melissa Miller

    Melissa Miller Screenplay

  19. Photo of Avery Corman

    Avery Corman Screenplay

  20. Photo of Ralph Woolsey

    Ralph Woolsey Cinematography

  21. Photo of Peter E. Berger

    Peter E. Berger Editing

  22. Photo of Charles Fox

    Charles Fox Music