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  1. Photo of Mário Vaz Filho

    Mário Vaz Filho Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eleni Bandettini

    Eleni Bandettini Cast

  3. Photo of Elizabeth Bacelar

    Elizabeth Bacelar Cast

  4. Photo of Jaime Cardoso

    Jaime Cardoso Cast

  5. Photo of Ronaldo Amaral

    Ronaldo Amaral Cast

  6. Photo of Cleide Cunha

    Cleide Cunha Cast

  7. Photo of Lia Farrel

    Lia Farrel Cast

  8. Photo of Peri Ornellas

    Peri Ornellas Cast

  9. Photo of Inês Kalafi

    Inês Kalafi Cast

  10. Photo of Vinicius Kruger

    Vinicius Kruger Cast

  11. Photo of Débora Muniz

    Débora Muniz Cast

  12. Photo of Raul Escudero Filho

    Raul Escudero Filho Cast

  13. Photo of Wagner Maciel

    Wagner Maciel Cast

  14. Photo of Pedro Perurena

    Pedro Perurena Cast

  15. Photo of Maria Teixeira

    Maria Teixeira Cast

  16. Photo of José Roberto Buzzini

    José Roberto Buzzini Cinematography

  17. Photo of Miguel Paiva

    Miguel Paiva Music

  18. Photo of Zé Rodrix

    Zé Rodrix Music

  19. Photo of Cláudio Cunha

    Cláudio Cunha Producer, Director, Screenplay Cast

  20. Photo of Eder Mazzini

    Eder Mazzini Editing

  21. Photo of Júlio Perez Caballar

    Júlio Perez Caballar Sound