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  1. Hanna Gjelten Hattrem's rating of the film O'Horten

  2.'s rating of the film O'Horten

    The Norwegian film O’Horten is all about strange characters. But it is mainly about the relationships between them. The pipe-smoking, always introvert, main actor is actually the least strange figure. Dry humor and subtle melancholy. In short, a perfect movie.

  3. THEX_1138's rating of the film O'Horten

    A surreal but gentle humour is never far away in this melancholic tale of regret, recovery and seizing the moment. With it's wonderful characters and superb soundtrack by Erik Kaada, O'Horten will steal a place in your heart and stay there for a very long time. A wonderful film from start to finish.

  4. In An Expression Of The Inexpressible's rating of the film O'Horten

    Nice style and surrealistic elements, but it's weak on the narrative and characterization. But still cute and watchable.

  5. chiefsreepyeyes's rating of the film O'Horten

    i found this movie quite charming, much like the main character himself