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  1. Galou's rating of the film OK, Good

    Un film sur les bas d'un acteur qui essai. Une volonté très documentaire de D. Martinico pour nous immerger dans le quotidien de Paul Kaplan, et ça fonctionne! Mise en scène intelligente, bon portrait de cette espèce bizarre: les acteurs. Après je ne suis pas sur que tous les spectateurs puissent comprendre l'atelier d'acting que suit Paul, dommage il manque des clés pour comprendre et la fin est nulle, mal maitrisée

  2. Dory Bakiewicz Ehmer's rating of the film OK, Good

  3. Vinegar Factory's rating of the film OK, Good

    Ok. It was better than good. Watch it. The last 10 minutes are worth it. Armstrong (the lead) is utterly fantastic.

  4. Jenny Coldpussy's rating of the film OK, Good

    Intense, honest and top notch acting, everything I love to see in a film. And also a great reminder of the promise I made to myself after watching "Out 1": always stay at a safe distance from physical movement workshops.

  5. lou.'s rating of the film OK, Good

    Speechless. Still shocked by the escalating violence of the breakdown.

  6. maicco.ferreira's rating of the film OK, Good

    Guts and guts Fantastic acting and Direction

  7. Eugénie's rating of the film OK, Good

    Easy but very nice and funny.

  8. Gaurav Singhmar's rating of the film OK, Good

    Plasticizing the human discovers no new vein of beauty. Also, this film's been made, been made better, and didn't need to be made afresh.

  9. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film OK, Good

    The nervous breakdown of the protagonist was so realistically presented.

  10. David R Williams's rating of the film OK, Good

    I don't know...just couldn't get into it. Third star because I didn't watch the whole thing.

  11. captainfez's rating of the film OK, Good

    To be fair, I wouldn't hire him either.

  12. Samuel Wells's rating of the film OK, Good

    This film satisfies the cravings of someone who imagines "what would I do if I was done, just really done". Giving an extended sequence at the end that is just fun to watch. The rest of the film shows an interesting and overlooked acting lifestyle which is interesting. The methodology of the protagonist is also interesting to watch keeping the pace up for the brisk and rather short run time.

  13. findfilm's rating of the film OK, Good

    Wow - a borderline obsessive compulsive alone in a big city using self-improvement recordings while attempting to score acting jobs and attending gestalt therapy classes finally flips with literally devastating results. Long shots, still camera work and minimal dialogue add to the intensity of our protagonist's decline and implosion. So realistic it is scary.

  14. Sarah's rating of the film OK, Good

    I liked how they pieced together scenes from acting class, scenes from motivational pep-talk/freeway driving, and scenes from his real life. It flowed well and created a portrait of the character. I liked the ending. The whole thing was well made, though still a little boring to watch. I didn't find it funny!

  15. Jeanine Zondag's rating of the film OK, Good

    The alternation of screentests, acting class and real life is as funny as it is painful and therefore fascinating. BUT if you don't know how to end a film, don't make it or at least don't make it last FOREVER and then ruin the end by going OVER over the top.

  16. Pusasis Lv's rating of the film OK, Good

    I liked this movie, from the first scene i knew i have not seen a movie like this. And so it was. I let my emotions follow Paul, the main character, and imagined what did he fell like. however dramatic this movie made me laugh for the most part.

  17. oaiaferoce's rating of the film OK, Good

    5 starts... until I got this paranoid thought that my patience is being deliberately tested!

  18. Luther Ayers's rating of the film OK, Good

    Although slow at times it does a great job of showing the struggle of acting. You can't always be a star, and this perfectly portrays the often unseen beginnings of an acting career. It's more true to real aspects of life. The main character goes through acting classes, auditions, and simply his life.

  19. Ashley Baker's rating of the film OK, Good

    This whole film was nothing but a confusing ride along with no payoff whatsoever. A lack of a cohesive storyline and random cuts make the whole movie feel put together with no thought for the final product. It dragged out it’s footage into something that honestly should have taken up only thirty minutes at the most. Even the ending left me unsatisfied as it gave no real conclusion. A most unsatisfying film indeed.

  20. randallgood's rating of the film OK, Good

    A familiar story given a video artist's or Haneke-esque treatment. Controlled, precise, hilarious, brutal and absurd. If only more no-budget American indies were this well-directed.

  21. Eric Sherwood's rating of the film OK, Good

    pure cinema slowly turning into crap.

  22. Imago Vanitas's rating of the film OK, Good

    Remembrance of Von Trier's idiots. A portrait of a fooled existence. Ok, brilliant.

  23. David G. Mabey's rating of the film OK, Good

    Pretty entertaining look at the struggles of becoming an actor, good film.

  24. Laura O'Brien's rating of the film OK, Good

    The life of an actor can be a long, tedious journey; filled with disappointment and seemingly endless auditions. Ok, Good follows the cyclical and mundane life of aspiring actor Paul Kaplan. The entire film consists of clips that display his daily routine. We can see tension building until finally Paul has a complete mental break. We experience a glimpse of depression and the plight of aspiring American actors.

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