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  1. Rocco's rating of the film Okja

    Joon-Ho has always been a spinner of imaginative genre yarns rife with none-too-subtle political subtext, but for many, OKJA is his most obvious and literal effort. This, however is the source of the film’s remarkable power as it shows a children’s fantasy hijacked by the brutal realities of a capitalist regime. The logical conclusions aren’t fun, but they ring with a resounding, sickening truth.

  2. baebsae's rating of the film Okja

  3. Scotch's rating of the film Okja

    If I wasn't already vegetarian... Was this funded by PETA?

  4. zotibaws's rating of the film Okja

  5. DenoResandono's rating of the film Okja

    OKJA is the second English-language movie from Bong Joon-Ho. At some point, this movie kinda reminds me of some Spielberg's movie, like E.T. for instance. Bong Joon-Ho succeed to create such a fun, entertaining, and yet heart-warming. But remember, this movie is not suitable enough for children. Because some parts feel depressing. Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal are very impressive in this movie...

  6. josh scam's rating of the film Okja

  7. burning_chrome's rating of the film Okja

  8. gaussian's rating of the film Okja

    okay, but why does Mija let Okja defecate in the otherwise pristine lake, thereby contaminating it?

  9. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Okja

  10. ooming's rating of the film Okja

  11. Adriana's rating of the film Okja

    and I always thought I could never give up meat..... oh well....

  12. YoungJun Bae's rating of the film Okja

    The anticorporate message risks being heavy-handed at times, but the humor keeps it grounded. Plus, it feels like an inadvertently timely message in this country, with our looming health care bill and our commander-in-chief who seems to prize business acumen above moral compass. Capitalism is cold. Capitalism kills. And the victims are not always as cute as Okja.

  13. Arandhitio Ballagi's rating of the film Okja

  14. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Okja

    Bong continues to adjust uneasily to Hollywood—I'd take this over Snowpiercer because the insanity is more fluid and elastic (now featuring twice as many crazy characters played by Tilda Swinton!). For a while, I wasn't sure if it really felt meat was murder or if it was just mixing all sides into an absurd slurry of satire. It's when it tries to narrow its explosive elements into a tidy plot that it stumbles.

  15. Leti's rating of the film Okja

    The visuals were awesome and that little girl's acting was on point.

  16. mattywuh's rating of the film Okja

  17. lIZUKA's rating of the film Okja

    Mirando thought that genetic mutations would fill the belly of greedy people. Instead of, she filled one pure and courageous heart and made me less antisocial.

  18. Manon Estermann's rating of the film Okja

  19. Alexandra Mayboroda's rating of the film Okja

    translation is sacred (nonhumans included) + two sides of capitalism

  20. Neide Ramos's rating of the film Okja

    The kid and the pig are cute, but damn what an awful 120 minutes, almost painful to finish. The dialogues are so blunt/predictable and the animal liberation front lead by Paul Dano's character was the cringiest of it all, you just know it fails hard when the most ironic and outlandish depictions can't even make you chuckle. Maybe just watch Earthlings for the message...

  21. Simone Giordano's rating of the film Okja

    Un film fuori dal comune. Bello a livello visivo, fatte molto bene le scene al computer e la trama è davvero intrigante. Sono rimasto colpito dalla recitazione, che risulta insolita così come i tempi del racconto. Consigliato.

  22. Ege Okal's rating of the film Okja

  23. Cristian Mois's rating of the film Okja

  24. Hugo Bonjour's rating of the film Okja

    Great storytelling and powerful message.

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