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  1. HKFanatic's rating of the film Old Dogs

    Despite box office success, "Old Dogs" maintains a reputation as a Hollywood dumpster fire. In truth, it's a lewd comedy with an absurdist bent that actually feels intentional (John Travolta is assailed by zoo penguins for God's sake). Amidst the crudity, Robin Williams provides a genuine sweetness and light. He and Travolta share excellent onscreen chemistry, making one wish they'd teamed up together in their prime.

  2. C'est Bastien's rating of the film Old Dogs

    I'm just commenting to say that the picture comes from Wild Hogs, not Old Dogs. You should put a picture of John Travolta creepy smile, that could be fun.

  3. Marujo's rating of the film Old Dogs

    three words : Waste of time.

  4. Mother of God's rating of the film Old Dogs

    You know what's so AWESOME and SPECTACULAR about this movie? Nothing.

  5. Amanda's rating of the film Old Dogs