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Ratings & Reviews

  1. paul oram's rating of the film Old is the New

    I liked the idea behind this, this lone researcher coming to this sleepy town to check out its suitability for tourism. But it doesn't really go anywhere. Its just a sweet film with eccentric characters of the type you would expect in such a town. There's the parallel with everyone attempting to learn Chinese against the lone Griko speaker. Again it doesnt really lead anywhere. An enjoyable enough feelgood movie.

  2. Beatrice's rating of the film Old is the New

    A sweet and dreamy film which reminded me of life's enduring basics: good food, sunshine, simple acts of kindness. Also: a native language, a lost language and new ones taking its place, the intense and timeless beauty of Italy's South.

  3. Martinotro's rating of the film Old is the New

    Bellissima regia e una descrizione molto attuale del territorio, da diversi punti vista, locali e interni, globalizzati ed esterni. il vecchio è il nuovo ma anche il nuovo è il vecchio, il dentro è fuori e viceversa

  4. Laura Symul's rating of the film Old is the New

    Great movie : beautiful images from south Italy and very good music as well