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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Old Joy

  2. jaume claret muxart's rating of the film Old Joy

  3. Jordan Kaltz's rating of the film Old Joy

    i love this so so much, it made me feel so glad to be alive, the yo la tengo score is so calming

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Old Joy

    Une lumineuse et paisible randonnée vers l'autre !

  5. Jeanne Delecroix's rating of the film Old Joy

    On se laisse porter par cette virée entre deux amis paumés et parfois fébriles. C'est simple, touchant et délicat.

  6. Fabiha's rating of the film Old Joy

    "Sorrow is nothing but worn out joy."

  7. Barry Dever's rating of the film Old Joy

    Old Joy is a beautiful film, visually. However, it lacks essential character development and substantial storytelling. The final cut came out quite short, and lacked a lot of the material needed to make it meaningful. It felt like it was the foundation for what could potentially have been a good film. The best part of the film was that there were decent visuals, but not interesting enough keep an audience's interest.

  8. Joshua Wonders's rating of the film Old Joy

    Old Joy captures what time can do to a relationship. Two men go into the forest in search of themselves as their once fruitful relationship has now debilitated into next to nothing. They search for a spring, and get lost along the way. Unlike other titles with similar synopsis', these men, find nothing. They leave the forest with nothing less and nothing more than what with they came, but the journey is the ride.

  9. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Old Joy

  10. thejslewis's rating of the film Old Joy

    A sentry of the American Northwest, writer/director Kelly Reichardt idolizes its forested mountains in this outing for two reunited friends. The men have have taken different paths in life, but meet back at the crossroads to share a slice of natural comforts. I found OLD JOY to be one of the most relaxing viewings I've ever had and it's largely due to Yo La Tengo's wanderlust score.

  11. Matthew Skala's rating of the film Old Joy

    It's been a while since I watched this one but it is part of a rare collection of films that stay with me for years after watching. I remember it being a fresh perfectly understated film.

  12. Feng Ling's rating of the film Old Joy

    trip with that one weird chill friend that can't stop talking nonsense and seems to still not yet have his shit together, while deep down nobody has their shit together.

  13. Danny Joseph's rating of the film Old Joy

    cool 1, can't say i loved it, wanted to see it for a long time, will oldham's faces are kinda good, mumblecorey n snorey, yo la tengo score is tight, weird massage scene, totally unresolving, great dog, poetic, need to go to oregon, peace out.

  14. La Foret's rating of the film Old Joy

    An old friendship that includes changed over the years people and we observe them with bitterness of our own souls because we all have been there, when familiar faces are so unbearably strange at the same time. Still, there is a lot of mystery and secrets that are hidden from eyes of the viewer but it's hard to stop thinking of them. Very modest in dialogues, focused on human condition and raw nature.

  15. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Old Joy

    Good indie film with a hidden message.

  16. Diderot's rating of the film Old Joy

    A movie about intimacy and friendship-- intimacy without friendship and friendship without intimacy; probably neither is going to work out or be really fulfilling. (But then why does everything have to be fulfilling?)

  17. Will Thede's rating of the film Old Joy

    'Sorrow is nothing but worn out joy.' A melancholy insight from a film played in a minor, minimal key.

  18. Will Linhares's rating of the film Old Joy

  19. Zac Weber's rating of the film Old Joy

    I know these places, I know these people, I know these feelings. The less-is-more aesthetic is flecked with subtle but suggestive dialogue, and the melancholy soundtrack from Yo La Tengo perfectly accents the winding Oregon backroads. I appreciated that director Kelly Reichardt doesn't seem to pass judgment on either character as we observe their lives and memories together.

  20. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Old Joy

    The outsiders, the non speakers, the garbage. Poetically filmed, full of nothing. But still, full.

  21. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Old Joy

    Reichardt shows an intrinsic understanding of the culture and ambiance of Oregon culture. Not simply indulging in the hipster chic stereotypes that have become common place. Instead she highlights quiet and fundamental truths about the region that are often overlooked. The focus on the landscape only furthers all of these messages as she delivers them. I very strong, concise film to highlight the Northwest.

  22. Levi Miah's rating of the film Old Joy

    Sleepy and enigmatic. We're driven from responsibility into relaxation as the mountain winds blow and the calm springs wash away our troubles deeper into the mountains and we lose them through winding trails. Inevitably, they find their way back to us as we give up this momentary joy we've rekindled to return back to the sorrow of the real world. The trash and the trees interweve in varying ratios.

  23. Adam GR's rating of the film Old Joy

    Wow, I didn't know my life already existed on screen. So fucking nuanced. Air, fire, earth, water, man, animal, man. Catharsis that loops right back into the snare. Sorrow is just worn-out joy!

  24. Ryan Swen's rating of the film Old Joy

    The driving scenes set to Yo La Tengo are among the most peaceful in any film.

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