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  1. Photo of Lee You-ning

    Lee You-ning Director

  2. Photo of Wu Nien-Jen

    Wu Nien-Jen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sun Yueh

    Sun Yueh Cast

  4. Photo of Chang Chun-fang

    Chang Chun-fang Cast

  5. Photo of Chen Jen-lei

    Chen Jen-lei Cast

  6. Photo of Chang Pei-hsin

    Chang Pei-hsin Cast

  7. Photo of Hsu Cheng-kuo

    Hsu Cheng-kuo Cast

  8. Photo of Tung Chun Li

    Tung Chun Li Cast

  9. Photo of Pan Jen-yan

    Pan Jen-yan Cast

  10. Photo of Tan Yang

    Tan Yang Cast

  11. Photo of Wen Ying

    Wen Ying Cast

  12. Photo of Wu Su-ying

    Wu Su-ying Cast

  13. Photo of Sung Wu

    Sung Wu Cast

  14. Photo of Chan Wai-Lau

    Chan Wai-Lau Cast

  15. Photo of Hui Kung Chang

    Hui Kung Chang Cinematography

  16. Photo of Lee Shou-Chuan

    Lee Shou-Chuan Music

  17. Photo of Lin Yung-feng

    Lin Yung-feng Producer

  18. Photo of Sun Ming-kuan

    Sun Ming-kuan Producer