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  1. Photo of Walter Rogério

    Walter Rogério Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Marco Ricca

    Marco Ricca Cast

  3. Photo of Antonio Abujamra

    Antonio Abujamra Cast

  4. Photo of Washington Luiz Gonzales

    Washington Luiz Gonzales Cast

  5. Photo of Joel Barcellos

    Joel Barcellos Cast

  6. Photo of Mary Alexandre

    Mary Alexandre Cast

  7. Photo of Christiane Tricerri

    Christiane Tricerri Cast

  8. Photo of Maura Baiocchi

    Maura Baiocchi Cast

  9. Photo of Cláudio Portioli

    Cláudio Portioli Cinematography

  10. Photo of Wilson Sukorski

    Wilson Sukorski Music

  11. Photo of Eurico Rocha

    Eurico Rocha Production Design

  12. Photo of João de Bártolo

    João de Bártolo Producer and Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Carlos Homero C. Ribas

    Carlos Homero C. Ribas Producer

  14. Photo of Roberto d'Avila

    Roberto d'Avila Producer, Screenplay Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Michael Ruman

    Michael Ruman Editing

  16. Photo of Márcio Jacovani

    Márcio Jacovani Sound

  17. Photo of Suzana Guinsburg

    Suzana Guinsburg Costume Design