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  1. Photo of Hany Abu-Assad

    Hany Abu-Assad Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Adam Bakri

    Adam Bakri Cast

  3. Photo of Samer Bisharat

    Samer Bisharat Cast

  4. Photo of Eyad Hourani

    Eyad Hourani Cast

  5. Photo of Leem Lubany

    Leem Lubany Cast

  6. Photo of Essam Abu Aabed

    Essam Abu Aabed Cast

  7. Photo of Foad Abed-Eihadi

    Foad Abed-Eihadi Cast

  8. Photo of Adel Abu-Lasheen

    Adel Abu-Lasheen Cast

  9. Photo of Baher Agbariya

    Baher Agbariya Cast

  10. Photo of Mousa Habiib Allah

    Mousa Habiib Allah Cast

  11. Photo of Wafaa Aon

    Wafaa Aon Cast

  12. Photo of Najwa Atamnah

    Najwa Atamnah Cast

  13. Photo of Em Ahmad Assad

    Em Ahmad Assad Cast

  14. Photo of Ehab Assal

    Ehab Assal Cinematography

  15. Photo of Yoel Herzberg

    Yoel Herzberg Production Design

  16. Photo of Nael Kanj

    Nael Kanj Production Design

  17. Photo of David Gerson

    David Gerson Producer

  18. Photo of Waleed Zuaiter

    Waleed Zuaiter Producer

  19. Photo of Waleed Al-Ghafari

    Waleed Al-Ghafari Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Zahi Khouri

    Zahi Khouri Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Suhail A. Sikhtian

    Suhail A. Sikhtian Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Abbas F. Eddy Zuaiter

    Abbas F. Eddy Zuaiter Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Ahmad F. Zuaiter

    Ahmad F. Zuaiter Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Dr. Farouq A. Zuaiter

    Dr. Farouq A. Zuaiter Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Martin Brinkler

    Martin Brinkler Editing

  26. Photo of Eyas Salman

    Eyas Salman Editing