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  1. Photo of Jacques Leduc

    Jacques Leduc Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Maheu

    Pierre Maheu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Tremblay

    Robert Tremblay Screenplay

  4. Photo of Esther Auger

    Esther Auger Cast

  5. Photo of Reynald Bouchard

    Reynald Bouchard Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre Curzi

    Pierre Curzi Cast

  7. Photo of J. Léo Gagnon

    J. Léo Gagnon Cast

  8. Photo of Claude Jutra

    Claude Jutra Cast

  9. Photo of Willie Lamothe

    Willie Lamothe Cast

  10. Photo of Marthe Nadeau

    Marthe Nadeau Cast

  11. Photo of Marcel Sabourin

    Marcel Sabourin Cast

  12. Photo of Alain Dostie

    Alain Dostie Cinematography

  13. Photo of Michel Robidoux

    Michel Robidoux Music

  14. Photo of Paul Larose

    Paul Larose Producer

  15. Photo of Pierre Bernier

    Pierre Bernier Editing

  16. Photo of Jacques Drouin

    Jacques Drouin Sound

  17. Photo of George Croll

    George Croll Sound

  18. Photo of Michel Descombes

    Michel Descombes Sound