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  1. lbunuel's rating of the film On Football

    A hybrid film of serious brilliance. Oksman uses his still camera and his cold, crisp surfaces to create a baffling game of mirrors between the subjects, the film apparatus, and the spectator. There's no anemic "festival fare" aesthetics here - only the most heartfelt, profoundly humane filmmaking.

  2. Nikolai Gemel's rating of the film On Football

    Es geht, wie man sich bereits denken kann, nicht nur um Fußball. Ein Sohn besucht seinen Vater zur Fußball WM 2014, um die Spiele gemeinsam mit ihm zu verfolgen. Sein Vater Simao, der Frank Castorf auf eine Art ähnelt, behauptet, der Mann zu sein, der sich weltweit mit Fußball am besten auskennt, etwa wüsste er den Schiedsrichter im Viertelfinale von 1954.

  3. Miggy Angel's rating of the film On Football

    "The number of trains that come and go, one after the other..." --- "I don't understand. Is your door open?" "No." "Then the clock has just stopped."

  4. raggiodisole's rating of the film On Football

    father and son fail to click in a manner that fails to engage

  5. AVA's rating of the film On Football

    Sentimentaler Film vor besonderem Hintergrund.

  6. SafeStanding's rating of the film On Football

    Very poignant rediscovery of a broken relationship and the cruelty that the beautiful game can inflict.

  7. Robert Peters-Gehrke's rating of the film On Football

    Brace yourself for one of the saddest films about fathers and sons and surely the saddest about football. A son and his estranged father, a depressed ruin of a man, set out to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Deafening silence, wordless bitter regret reigns till destiny strikes. A helpless, utterly depressing film.

  8. klofter's rating of the film On Football

    Remarkable. To paraphrase the great Max Frisch: big events in life always happen synchronous. This movie is as much a portrait of the fringes of a football-crazed country during a major World Cup as it is an intimate and moving picture of one lost life and a few futile attempts of a family to reconnect. A great achievement.

  9. David R Williams's rating of the film On Football

    What a sad, sad story. I'm glad I watched it. It made me think of my relationship with my own father and words never said.

  10. jamesey's rating of the film On Football

    This is a great tribute to the director's father. It's sweet and sentimental, while unknowingly capturing his final days. I also like how we're given clues about the relationship at the beginning of the film, and then mysteries about the relationship are later clarified. Also, as a soccer fan, I loved how the director captures the squad that "put the nail in his father's coffin" with that shocking 7-1 loss.

  11. Wee Hunk's rating of the film On Football

    This movie made me think about things in my life. Mostly my Dad.

  12. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film On Football

    Sometimes distant, sometimes incredibly personal. To me this was an emotional ride and relentless in it's pursuit of the subject.

  13. Omus's rating of the film On Football

    How do you connect with a parent who doesn't seem to care if you exist? It's not through a grand plan of watching the entire World Cup, apparently. This is more subject matter that could potentially come across as deeply depressing but somehow doesn't.

  14. Jose Luis Gutierrez's rating of the film On Football

    Dude died during Germany-Brasil game. I don't blame him. Brasil got seriously fisted. I'd love to have seen more of an exchange on the game and its existential/sociological implications. The old dude going on about certain historic games, more than just knowing who the referee was at a game. Or some facts about how Brazil has one of the most corrupt soccer federations on the planet. .

  15. Camille Javal's rating of the film On Football

    A doc that feels like fiction!

  16. Jorge Sobral's rating of the film On Football

    After the final acknowledgment, the whole montage appears to become more respectable, yet there is too cold a detachment, which seems more destructive than edifying.

  17. João Abreu's rating of the film On Football

    The director is an asshole. And his pretensions, exploitative.

  18. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film On Football