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  1. Photo of Max Pécas

    Max Pécas Director

  2. Photo of Jacques Leitienne

    Jacques Leitienne Producer

  3. Photo of Jacques Vilfrid

    Jacques Vilfrid Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean-Claude Couty

    Jean-Claude Couty Cinematography

  5. Photo of Michel Pécas

    Michel Pécas Editing

  6. Photo of Jean Bouchéty

    Jean Bouchéty Music

  7. Photo of Roger Candy

    Roger Candy Music

  8. Photo of Jean Lefebvre

    Jean Lefebvre Cast

  9. Photo of Bernadette Lafont

    Bernadette Lafont Cast

  10. Photo of Georges Beller

    Georges Beller Cast

  11. Photo of Corinne Lahaye

    Corinne Lahaye Cast

  12. Photo of Olivia Dutron

    Olivia Dutron Cast

  13. Photo of Marco Perrin

    Marco Perrin Cast

  14. Photo of Pierre Doris

    Pierre Doris Cast

  15. Photo of Katia Tchenko

    Katia Tchenko Cast

  16. Photo of Henri Guybet

    Henri Guybet Cast

  17. Photo of Jackie Sardou

    Jackie Sardou Cast

  18. Photo of Ticky Holgado

    Ticky Holgado Cast

  19. Photo of Jean Degrave

    Jean Degrave Cast