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  1. Photo of Max Pécas

    Max Pécas Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Claude Mulot

    Claude Mulot Screenplay

  3. Photo of Didier Philippe-Gérard

    Didier Philippe-Gérard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Leila Fréchet

    Leila Fréchet Cast

  5. Photo of Brigitte Lahaie

    Brigitte Lahaie Cast

  6. Photo of Patrick Guillemin

    Patrick Guillemin Cast

  7. Photo of Philippe Baronnet

    Philippe Baronnet Cast

  8. Photo of Noëlle Noblecourt

    Noëlle Noblecourt Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Claude Couty

    Jean-Claude Couty Cinematography

  10. Photo of Bob Brault

    Bob Brault Music

  11. Photo of François Ceppi

    François Ceppi Editing