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  1. Aardsy's rating of the film On the Bowery

    We get it, they're drunk.

  2. petit astronaute's rating of the film On the Bowery

    (3.8 | version 35mm restaurée)

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film On the Bowery

    Remarquable et terrifiant !

  4. Robert Burdock's rating of the film On the Bowery

    A side of New York City long lost, but beautifully preserved in this semi-documentary from Lionel Rogosin. For a literary equivalent in a similar vein, look towards the New Yorker writings of Joseph Mitchell.

  5. EdieEmm's rating of the film On the Bowery

    A (beautiful) document of the socioeconomic phenomenon of the Bowery in the 50s. But also of a doc-making ethos that's post-Flaherty but not yet at Shirley Clarke. There's huge power/privilege in being the one who creates the narrative; unless the filmmaker's role in the interaction is explicit, I'm wary of buying in (& knowing he consulted academics only adds to my fear of insidious liberal paternalism.) Jury's out.

  6. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film On the Bowery

    3,6 Will Ray return to the Bowery? Raise your stakes, preachers and rogues. Will he succumb to akrasia, the logic-defying illness of volitional inconsequence which makes us, more often than not, choose against our better judgment, toppling Socrate’s equation that knowing what is good and desiring it are one? Evidence beats rational lab scenarios, good reasons fail to satisfy. Ray Salyer, the actor, hopped on a train

  7. José Neves's rating of the film On the Bowery

    Several years ago there was in Lisbon a retrospective of Weegee's work and before the profusion of its extraordinary images about the tragedy of everyday life i imagined a film made from their articulation in continuity. Before Nan Goldin having actually done it, Rogosin, with a narrative principle, directed this innovative and inaugural film, at least admirable for its artistic complicity with the human dimension.

  8. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film On the Bowery

    Brueghel, meet Cassavetes.

  9. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film On the Bowery

    Documental, ficción, falso documental...vea como se vea "On the Bowery" tiene ese visor realistamente honesto. No se percibe el retoque de la ficción, a pesar de que una historia fílmica surge. Tiene de fatalista como de optimista. Lo estético es tal vez lo menos imperceptible del filme. La cámara adecúa sus planos y encuadres en base a la dureza de los rostros fatigados.

  10. El Biffo's rating of the film On the Bowery

    Its a semi-staged documentary, sorta like today's reality shows, but using a few down-and-out actors and mostly genuine, authentic "Bowery bums". Great photography. Great bums.I can't help but wonder who was the intended audience? Beatniks?

  11. Linao Momentaries's rating of the film On the Bowery

    One of the finest examples of dispelling the illusion of the hero narrative. It is never I, it is always us.

  12. Kyle Lewis's rating of the film On the Bowery

    Phenomenal footage of 50's downtown Manhattan. Rogosin crafts a film that feels like a precursor to what the Dardenne's brothers are up to now. Can't wait to check out Come Back Africa.

  13. filmcapsule's rating of the film On the Bowery

    It may not all be “true” documentary footage in the conventional sense, but it’s a potent and vivid document of a very specific time and place. The poetic montages that bookend the film, beautifully shot and edited, speak with immediacy across the gap of time that separates us from 1950s New York and approach pure cinema.

  14. Pulpwino's rating of the film On the Bowery

    If you aren't moved deeply by this film then you probably don't have a soul. Unforgetable.

  15. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film On the Bowery

    This groundbreaking documentary, inspired by the work of the Italian neo-realists, explores life on the Bowery in NYC in the 1950s. Added to the National Film Registry in 2008, ON THE BOWERY is a deeply fascinating look at poverty in a very specific time and place. It's an evocative portrait of the men (many of whom are veterans) that society forgot in the years after WWII.

  16. rajiv ibrahim's rating of the film On the Bowery

    truly magical, brutally honest and painful