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  1. Photo of Jan Procházka

    Jan Procházka Screenplay

  2. Photo of Karel Zeman

    Karel Zeman Screenplay, Production Design Director

  3. Photo of Emil Horváth

    Emil Horváth Cast

  4. Photo of Magda Vášáryová

    Magda Vášáryová Cast

  5. Photo of František Filipovský

    František Filipovský Cast

  6. Photo of Josef Větrovec

    Josef Větrovec Cast

  7. Photo of Cestmír Randa

    Cestmír Randa Cast

  8. Photo of Vladimír Menšík

    Vladimír Menšík Cast

  9. Photo of Jiřina Jirásková

    Jiřina Jirásková Cast

  10. Photo of Josef Hlinomaz

    Josef Hlinomaz Cast

  11. Photo of Jaroslav Mareš

    Jaroslav Mareš Cast

  12. Photo of Karel Effa

    Karel Effa Cast

  13. Photo of Stevo Maršálek

    Stevo Maršálek Cast

  14. Photo of Miloš Nesvadba

    Miloš Nesvadba Cast

  15. Photo of Zdeňka Bronislavská

    Zdeňka Bronislavská Cast

  16. Photo of Rudolf Stahl

    Rudolf Stahl Cinematography

  17. Photo of Bohuslav Pikhart

    Bohuslav Pikhart Cinematography

  18. Photo of Lubos Fiser

    Lubos Fiser Music

  19. Photo of Josef Valusiak

    Josef Valusiak Editing

  20. Photo of František Strangmüller

    František Strangmüller Sound

  21. Photo of Jan Kropácek

    Jan Kropácek Costume Design