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  1. Photo of Joud Said

    Joud Said Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mohammad Al Ahmad

    Mohammad Al Ahmad Producer

  3. Photo of Joud Gorani

    Joud Gorani Cinematography

  4. Photo of Ali Leilane

    Ali Leilane Editing

  5. Photo of Simon Elhabre

    Simon Elhabre Editing

  6. Photo of Nadim Mishlawi

    Nadim Mishlawi Music

  7. Photo of Qays Cheikh Najib

    Qays Cheikh Najib Cast

  8. Photo of Abdulatif Abdulhamid

    Abdulatif Abdulhamid Cast

  9. Photo of Pierrete Katrib

    Pierrete Katrib Cast

  10. Photo of Kinda Allouch

    Kinda Allouch Cast

  11. Photo of Jonny Komovic

    Jonny Komovic Cast

  12. Photo of Monceg Taleb

    Monceg Taleb Sound

  13. Photo of Rana Eid

    Rana Eid Sound