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  1. LTDKNWLDG's rating of the film One A.M.

    I really just wanted him to get upstairs, and go to bed.

  2. fearraigh's rating of the film One A.M.

    Even the lesser-known Chaplin films have a definitive mark of genius about them. This is one of the greatest, most spot-on portrayals of a drunk ever seen on screen. Hilarious and ingenious. Only the dumb and unnecessary intertitles (partially) spoil things. More Charlie please, Mubi!

  3. Carrie Hunter's rating of the film One A.M.

    Best movie to drink to. Laughing hysterically!

  4. dmerchan's rating of the film One A.M.

    27-1/2 nonstop minutes of delirious comic invention! Pure gold.

  5. Nick Potter's rating of the film One A.M.

    Top notch slapstick from one of the very best physical comedians in an admittedly slight short.

  6. mpho3's rating of the film One A.M.

    I did rather like Chapllin's table top run, but mostly it's the total outrageousness of the set design that captivated me. I appreciate the historical value, but the hysterical value was minimal for me.

  7. Erik F.'s rating of the film One A.M.

    2.5 stars. Middle-of-the-road compared to Chaplin's later & greater work, but the subject is timeless and universal: a fully-functioning adult is rendered an imbecile by inebriation.

  8. Kelsey Ramirez's rating of the film One A.M.

    Charlie Chaplin is such a classic and a kiss to the film world. Watching this film is reminder and an eye opener. Classic bit of falling and getting hurt is a reminder of much simpler times. Knowing what we know now a days I can only imagine the toll on his poor body with all that work being there was no stunt doubles. It is interesting to watch this film and see how it has spun off to what todays comedy consist of.

  9. Loz Loory's rating of the film One A.M.

    Great restoration. On the few medium shots of Chaplin, the image is so sharp and crisp. Fantastic that his earliest work can be remastered using different partial negatives. Love when he uses the coat rack to get to the second floor.

  10. Sarah Stone's rating of the film One A.M.

    Though, its quite different form the movies we go to watch in theaters today; this film surely can appreciated for its artistic quality. The performances by the actors is outstanding. With the lack of dialog in the film you never miss out on the emotion given by the character or loose touch with he story line. It's comedic and a true classic to enjoy.

  11. ronny's rating of the film One A.M.

    maddening yet masterful. this is exactly how i felt last weekend... so i should probably reevaluate where exactly i keep the brandy in my house.

  12. Elise's rating of the film One A.M.

    The music is perfectly used to display emotions, highlight events, and introduce complications in the silent film. Because the film is silent, aside from the music, Charlie Chaplin's display of emotions and set choices do a fantastic job supporting most of the film. This film is a wonderful example of a one man show because not only is the film focused on him entirely, but he also directed the film himself!

  13. rgarrettrun's rating of the film One A.M.

    A classic film, Charlie Chaplin is a comedic genius for his time. Only one man can make walking up stairs that funny. Chaplin does everything for the film, theres no camera or editing tricks, he brings alive his character through his motions, creating a classic comedy film.

  14. Fab S's rating of the film One A.M.

    Oh Charlie, but how are you able to do all these things. Genius

  15. Joseph McFarland's rating of the film One A.M.

    Chaplin's ability to tell a story with his facial expressions is astounding. In a film with no dialogue and occasional text boxes, the ability of the actors to communicate the situation is imperative. The look of pure terror Chaplin showed when confronted with the tiger rug perfectly expressed that he felt he was dealing with a real animal. Some of the effects were great as well, such as the taxi fare spinning.

  16. Andrew Maxwell's rating of the film One A.M.

    I didn't like this movie the lighting and background music helped set the mood but the content of the movies was very poor. Granted this movies was only 22 minutes long it could have been extended a few more minutes to make the movie a little interesting or at least a little bit funnier. There were a few parts that were funny, but there were a few parts that I couldn't quite understand the meaning of the movie.

  17. Landen Celano's rating of the film One A.M.

  18. Antares Rising's rating of the film One A.M.

  19. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film One A.M.

    Chaplin's drunken odyssey to get to bed the movie- hilarious!

  20. Monkey Flix's rating of the film One A.M.

    Mildly amusing early Chaplin. Most of the gags go on for way too long.

  21. strummermax's rating of the film One A.M.

    Charming - the music is fantastic by the way.

  22. filmingilman's rating of the film One A.M.

    The restoration is incredible, and earns an extra half star just for that. Fun, physical comedy. Some of the gags are rather predictable, but ultimately it has considerable charm.

  23. bodhishin's rating of the film One A.M.

    Still enjoyable and fun even if it's been over a 100 years when it was initially released!

  24. Paul Rot's rating of the film One A.M.

    Geniuses sometimes do crap.

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