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  1. Photo of Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Armyan Bernstein

    Armyan Bernstein Screenplay, Producer Story

  3. Photo of Frederic Forrest

    Frederic Forrest Cast

  4. Photo of Teri Garr

    Teri Garr Cast

  5. Photo of Raúl Juliá

    Raúl Juliá Cast

  6. Photo of Nastassja Kinski

    Nastassja Kinski Cast

  7. Photo of Lainie Kazan

    Lainie Kazan Cast

  8. Photo of Harry Dean Stanton

    Harry Dean Stanton Cast

  9. Photo of Allen Garfield

    Allen Garfield Cast

  10. Photo of Rebecca De Mornay

    Rebecca De Mornay Cast

  11. Photo of Vittorio Storaro

    Vittorio Storaro Cinematography

  12. Photo of Ronald Victor Garcia

    Ronald Victor Garcia Cinematography

  13. Photo of Tom Waits

    Tom Waits Music

  14. Photo of Dean Tavoularis

    Dean Tavoularis Production Design

  15. Photo of Gray Frederickson

    Gray Frederickson Producer

  16. Photo of Fred Roos

    Fred Roos Producer

  17. Photo of Mona Skager

    Mona Skager Producer

  18. Photo of Bernard Gersten

    Bernard Gersten Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Rudi Fehr

    Rudi Fehr Editing

  20. Photo of Anne Goursaud

    Anne Goursaud Editing

  21. Photo of Randy Roberts

    Randy Roberts Editing

  22. Photo of Richard Burrow

    Richard Burrow Sound

  23. Photo of Ruth Morley

    Ruth Morley Costume Design

  24. Photo of Angelo P. Graham

    Angelo P. Graham Art Department

  25. Photo of Gary Fettis

    Gary Fettis Art Department

  26. Photo of Leslie McCarthy-Frankenheimer

    Leslie McCarthy-Frankenheimer Art Department

  27. Photo of Richard L. Hill

    Richard L. Hill Special Effects

  28. Photo of Joe Lombardi

    Joe Lombardi Special Effects

  29. Photo of Robert G. Willard

    Robert G. Willard Special Effects