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  1. Photo of Clyde Geronimi

    Clyde Geronimi Director

  2. Photo of Hamilton Luske

    Hamilton Luske Director

  3. Photo of Wolfgang Reitherman

    Wolfgang Reitherman Director

  4. Photo of Bill Peet

    Bill Peet Screenplay and Animation

  5. Photo of Dodie Smith

    Dodie Smith Screenplay

  6. Photo of Rod Taylor

    Rod Taylor Voice

  7. Photo of J. Pat O'Malley

    J. Pat O'Malley Voice

  8. Photo of Betty Lou Gerson

    Betty Lou Gerson Voice

  9. Photo of Martha Wentworth

    Martha Wentworth Voice

  10. Photo of Ben Wright

    Ben Wright Voice

  11. Photo of Cate Bauer

    Cate Bauer Voice

  12. Photo of David Frankham

    David Frankham Voice

  13. Photo of Frederick Worlock

    Frederick Worlock Voice

  14. Photo of Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis Voice

  15. Photo of Tom Conway

    Tom Conway Voice

  16. Photo of Tudor Owen

    Tudor Owen Voice

  17. Photo of George Pelling

    George Pelling Voice

  18. Photo of Ramsay Hill

    Ramsay Hill Voice

  19. Photo of Sylvia Marriott

    Sylvia Marriott Voice

  20. Photo of Queenie Leonard

    Queenie Leonard Voice

  21. Photo of Marjorie Bennett

    Marjorie Bennett Voice

  22. Photo of Mickey Maga

    Mickey Maga Voice

  23. Photo of Barbara Beaird

    Barbara Beaird Voice

  24. Photo of Mimi Gibson

    Mimi Gibson Voice

  25. Photo of Sandra Abbott

    Sandra Abbott Voice

  26. Photo of Thurl Ravenscroft

    Thurl Ravenscroft Voice

  27. Photo of Bill Lee

    Bill Lee Voice

  28. Photo of George Bruns

    George Bruns Music

  29. Photo of Evelyn Kennedy

    Evelyn Kennedy Music

  30. Photo of Franklyn Marks

    Franklyn Marks Music

  31. Photo of Ken Anderson

    Ken Anderson Production Design

  32. Photo of Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Producer

  33. Photo of Roy M. Brewer Jr.

    Roy M. Brewer Jr. Editing

  34. Photo of Donald Halliday

    Donald Halliday Editing

  35. Photo of Robert O. Cook

    Robert O. Cook Sound

  36. Photo of Hal Ambro

    Hal Ambro Animation

  37. Photo of Ray Aragon

    Ray Aragon Animation

  38. Photo of Dale Barnhart

    Dale Barnhart Animation

  39. Photo of Ted Berman

    Ted Berman Animation

  40. Photo of Collin Campbell

    Collin Campbell Animation

  41. Photo of Les Clark

    Les Clark Animation

  42. Photo of Eric Cleworth

    Eric Cleworth Animation

  43. Photo of Basil Davidovich

    Basil Davidovich Animation

  44. Photo of Marc Davis

    Marc Davis Animation

  45. Photo of Al Dempster

    Al Dempster Animation

  46. Photo of Vance Gerry

    Vance Gerry Animation

  47. Photo of Blaine Gibson

    Blaine Gibson Animation

  48. Photo of Don Griffith

    Don Griffith Animation

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