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  1. Photo of James Whale

    James Whale Director

  2. Photo of Diana Wynyard

    Diana Wynyard Cast

  3. Photo of Colin Clive

    Colin Clive Cast

  4. Photo of Reginald Denny

    Reginald Denny Cast

  5. Photo of C. Aubrey Smith

    C. Aubrey Smith Cast

  6. Photo of Lionel Atwill

    Lionel Atwill Cast

  7. Photo of Henry Stephenson

    Henry Stephenson Cast

  8. Photo of Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    Mrs. Patrick Campbell Cast

  9. Photo of Frank Lawton

    Frank Lawton Cast

  10. Photo of Alan Mowbray

    Alan Mowbray Cast

  11. Photo of Kathleen Howard

    Kathleen Howard Cast

  12. Photo of Gilbert Emery

    Gilbert Emery Cast

  13. Photo of E.E. Clive

    E.E. Clive Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Greig

    Robert Greig Cast

  15. Photo of J. Gunnis Davis

    J. Gunnis Davis Cast

  16. Photo of Tempe Pigott

    Tempe Pigott Cast

  17. Photo of Snub Pollard

    Snub Pollard Cast

  18. Photo of Billy Bevan

    Billy Bevan Cast

  19. Photo of Reginald Sheffield

    Reginald Sheffield Cast

  20. Photo of Doris Llewelyn

    Doris Llewelyn Cast

  21. Photo of John J. Mescall

    John J. Mescall Cinematography

  22. Photo of W. Franke Harling

    W. Franke Harling Music

  23. Photo of Carl Laemmle Jr.

    Carl Laemmle Jr. Producer

  24. Photo of R.C. Sherriff

    R.C. Sherriff Producer