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  1. Photo of Jeanne Leblanc

    Jeanne Leblanc Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Guillaume Cyr

    Guillaume Cyr Cast

  3. Photo of Julie de Lafreniere

    Julie de Lafreniere Cast

  4. Photo of Mikhail Ahooja

    Mikhail Ahooja Cast

  5. Photo of Marc-André Lapointe

    Marc-André Lapointe Cast

  6. Photo of Francois Archambault

    Francois Archambault Cinematography

  7. Photo of Stéphan Roy

    Stéphan Roy Music

  8. Photo of Frédéric Devost

    Frédéric Devost Production Design

  9. Photo of Stéphanie Grégoire

    Stéphanie Grégoire Editing

  10. Photo of Jean Camden

    Jean Camden Sound

  11. Photo of Patrice Leblanc

    Patrice Leblanc Sound

  12. Photo of Stéphane Bergeron

    Stéphane Bergeron Sound