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  1. Photo of Agnès Varda

    Agnès Varda Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Thérèse Liotard

    Thérèse Liotard Cast

  3. Photo of Valérie Mairesse

    Valérie Mairesse Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Dadiès

    Robert Dadiès Cast

  5. Photo of Francis Lemaire

    Francis Lemaire Cast

  6. Photo of Mona Mairesse

    Mona Mairesse Cast

  7. Photo of Mathieu Demy

    Mathieu Demy Cast

  8. Photo of François Courbin

    François Courbin Cast

  9. Photo of Ali Raffi

    Ali Raffi Cast

  10. Photo of Gisèle Halimi

    Gisèle Halimi Cast

  11. Photo of Salomé Wimille

    Salomé Wimille Cast

  12. Photo of Nicole Clément

    Nicole Clément Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Pierre Pellegrin

    Jean-Pierre Pellegrin Cast

  14. Photo of Joëlle Papineau

    Joëlle Papineau Cast

  15. Photo of Micou Papineau

    Micou Papineau Cast

  16. Photo of Doudou Greffier

    Doudou Greffier Cast

  17. Photo of Dane Porret

    Dane Porret Cast

  18. Photo of Fred Maubert

    Fred Maubert Cast

  19. Photo of François Gibert

    François Gibert Cast

  20. Photo of Marion Hänsel

    Marion Hänsel Cast

  21. Photo of Jean Van Der Swalnen

    Jean Van Der Swalnen Cast

  22. Photo of Isabelle Eduards

    Isabelle Eduards Cast

  23. Photo of Frédéric Boyot

    Frédéric Boyot Cast

  24. Photo of Gilberte Sallé

    Gilberte Sallé Cast

  25. Photo of Bénédicte Charonnet

    Bénédicte Charonnet Cast

  26. Photo of Evelyne Tonietto

    Evelyne Tonietto Cast

  27. Photo of Élise Beltrame

    Élise Beltrame Cast

  28. Photo of Jeanine Braendlin

    Jeanine Braendlin Cast

  29. Photo of Gilette Barbier

    Gilette Barbier Cast

  30. Photo of Françoise Bette

    Françoise Bette Cast

  31. Photo of Patricia Cartier

    Patricia Cartier Cast

  32. Photo of Dominique Ducros

    Dominique Ducros Cast

  33. Photo of Laurent Plagne

    Laurent Plagne Cast

  34. Photo of Laetitia Rojas

    Laetitia Rojas Cast

  35. Photo of Rosalie Varda

    Rosalie Varda Cast

  36. Photo of Charles Van Damme

    Charles Van Damme Cinematography

  37. Photo of François Wertheimer

    François Wertheimer Music and Cast

  38. Photo of Joële Van Effenterre

    Joële Van Effenterre Editing

  39. Photo of Henri Morelle

    Henri Morelle Sound

  40. Photo of Franckie Diago

    Franckie Diago Costume Design and Production Design