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  1. Photo of Henri Decoin

    Henri Decoin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacques de Baroncelli

    Jacques de Baroncelli Screenplay

  3. Photo of J.C. Eger

    J.C. Eger Screenplay

  4. Photo of Patricia McGerr

    Patricia McGerr Screenplay

  5. Photo of Danielle Darrieux

    Danielle Darrieux Cast

  6. Photo of Michel Auclair

    Michel Auclair Cast

  7. Photo of Corinne Calvet

    Corinne Calvet Cast

  8. Photo of Miriam Di San Servolo

    Miriam Di San Servolo Cast

  9. Photo of Lyla Rocco

    Lyla Rocco Cast

  10. Photo of Gérard Buhr

    Gérard Buhr Cast

  11. Photo of Roberto Risso

    Roberto Risso Cast

  12. Photo of Gil Delamare

    Gil Delamare Cast

  13. Photo of Émile Genevois

    Émile Genevois Cast

  14. Photo of Jean Berton

    Jean Berton Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Sylvère

    Jean Sylvère Cast

  16. Photo of Anne-Marie Mersen

    Anne-Marie Mersen Cast

  17. Photo of Jacques Jouanneau

    Jacques Jouanneau Cast

  18. Photo of Raymond Gérôme

    Raymond Gérôme Cast

  19. Photo of René Sylviano

    René Sylviano Music

  20. Photo of Robert Lefebvre

    Robert Lefebvre Cinematography

  21. Photo of Denise Reiss

    Denise Reiss Editing

  22. Photo of Jean d'Eaubonne

    Jean d'Eaubonne Production Design