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  1. Photo of Robert M. Young

    Robert M. Young Director

  2. Photo of Michael Hausman

    Michael Hausman Producer

  3. Photo of Paul Martino

    Paul Martino Producer

  4. Photo of Michael Tannen

    Michael Tannen Producer

  5. Photo of Dick Bush

    Dick Bush Cinematography

  6. Photo of Blair Brown

    Blair Brown Cast

  7. Photo of Rip Torn

    Rip Torn Cast

  8. Photo of Joan Hackett

    Joan Hackett Cast

  9. Photo of Allen Garfield

    Allen Garfield Cast

  10. Photo of Mare Winningham

    Mare Winningham Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Pearlman

    Michael Pearlman Cast

  12. Photo of Lou Reed

    Lou Reed Cast

  13. Photo of Steve Gadd

    Steve Gadd Cast

  14. Photo of Eric Gale

    Eric Gale Cast

  15. Photo of Tony Levin

    Tony Levin Cast

  16. Photo of Richard Tee

    Richard Tee Cast

  17. Photo of Harry Shearer

    Harry Shearer Cast

  18. Photo of Kate Pierson

    Kate Pierson Cast

  19. Photo of Fred Schneider

    Fred Schneider Cast

  20. Photo of Keith Strickland

    Keith Strickland Cast

  21. Photo of Cindy Wilson

    Cindy Wilson Cast

  22. Photo of Ricky Wilson

    Ricky Wilson Cast

  23. Photo of John Sebastian

    John Sebastian Cast

  24. Photo of Steve Boone

    Steve Boone Cast

  25. Photo of Joe Butler

    Joe Butler Cast

  26. Photo of Zal Yanovsky

    Zal Yanovsky Cast

  27. Photo of Sam Moore

    Sam Moore Cast

  28. Photo of Dave Prater Jr.

    Dave Prater Jr. Cast

  29. Photo of Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Cast

  30. Photo of David Sanborn

    David Sanborn Cast

  31. Photo of Michael J. Miller

    Michael J. Miller Cast

  32. Photo of Glenn Scarpelli

    Glenn Scarpelli Cast

  33. Photo of Merv Griffin

    Merv Griffin Cast

  34. Photo of Richard Dolan

    Richard Dolan Cast

  35. Photo of Daniel Stern

    Daniel Stern Cast

  36. Photo of Edward Beyer

    Edward Beyer Editing

  37. Photo of Barry Malkin

    Barry Malkin Editing

  38. Photo of David Ray

    David Ray Editing

  39. Photo of David Mitchell

    David Mitchell Production Design

  40. Photo of Paul Simon

    Paul Simon Music, Screenplay Cast

  41. Photo of Hilary Rosenfeld

    Hilary Rosenfeld Costume Design