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  1. Photo of Jorge Darnell

    Jorge Darnell Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of José Díaz Morales

    José Díaz Morales Screenplay

  3. Photo of Giovanni Fago

    Giovanni Fago Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marino Onorati

    Marino Onorati Screenplay

  5. Photo of Mimsy Farmer

    Mimsy Farmer Cast

  6. Photo of Fernando Rey

    Fernando Rey Cast

  7. Photo of Sergio Jiménez

    Sergio Jiménez Cast

  8. Photo of Luigi Pistilli

    Luigi Pistilli Cast

  9. Photo of Tere Velázquez

    Tere Velázquez Cast

  10. Photo of Agustín Isunza

    Agustín Isunza Cast

  11. Photo of Memo Gil

    Memo Gil Cast

  12. Photo of León Singer

    León Singer Cast

  13. Photo of Estela Inda

    Estela Inda Cast

  14. Photo of José Chávez

    José Chávez Cast

  15. Photo of Gerardo Zepeda

    Gerardo Zepeda Cast

  16. Photo of Jorge Zamora

    Jorge Zamora Cast

  17. Photo of Luigi Antonio Guerra

    Luigi Antonio Guerra Cast

  18. Photo of Adolfo Lastretti

    Adolfo Lastretti Cast

  19. Photo of Carlos Nieto

    Carlos Nieto Cast

  20. Photo of Lorenzo Piani

    Lorenzo Piani Cast

  21. Photo of Renato Pinciroli

    Renato Pinciroli Cast

  22. Photo of Alejandra Ramírez

    Alejandra Ramírez Cast

  23. Photo of Yolanda Rigel

    Yolanda Rigel Cast

  24. Photo of Erico Menczer

    Erico Menczer Cinematography

  25. Photo of Riz Ortolani

    Riz Ortolani Music

  26. Photo of Toni Di Carlo

    Toni Di Carlo Producer

  27. Photo of Alberto Gallitti

    Alberto Gallitti Editing