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  1. Photo of Hugo Fregonese

    Hugo Fregonese Director

  2. Photo of Leonard Goldstein

    Leonard Goldstein Producer

  3. Photo of Lawrence Kimble

    Lawrence Kimble Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maury Gertsman

    Maury Gertsman Cinematography

  5. Photo of James Mason

    James Mason Cast

  6. Photo of Märta Torén

    Märta Torén Cast

  7. Photo of Dan Duryea

    Dan Duryea Cast

  8. Photo of Basil Ruysdael

    Basil Ruysdael Cast

  9. Photo of William Conrad

    William Conrad Cast

  10. Photo of Rodolfo Acosta

    Rodolfo Acosta Cast

  11. Photo of King Donovan

    King Donovan Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Espinoza

    Robert Espinoza Cast

  13. Photo of Tito Renaldo

    Tito Renaldo Cast

  14. Photo of Margarito Luna

    Margarito Luna Cast

  15. Photo of Emma Roldán

    Emma Roldán Cast

  16. Photo of George J. Lewis

    George J. Lewis Cast

  17. Photo of James Best

    James Best Cast

  18. Photo of Rock Hudson

    Rock Hudson Cast

  19. Photo of Julia Montoya

    Julia Montoya Cast

  20. Photo of Kenneth Tobey

    Kenneth Tobey Cast

  21. Photo of Milton Carruth

    Milton Carruth Editing

  22. Photo of Bernard Herzbrun

    Bernard Herzbrun Production Design

  23. Photo of Alfred Ybarra

    Alfred Ybarra Production Design

  24. Photo of Frank Skinner

    Frank Skinner Music

  25. Photo of Glenn E. Anderson

    Glenn E. Anderson Sound

  26. Photo of Leslie I. Carey

    Leslie I. Carey Sound

  27. Photo of Orry-Kelly

    Orry-Kelly Costume Design