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  1. Photo of Isao Takahata

    Isao Takahata Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Miki Imai

    Miki Imai Cast

  3. Photo of Toshirô Yanagiba

    Toshirô Yanagiba Cast

  4. Photo of Youko Honna

    Youko Honna Cast

  5. Photo of Mayumi Iizuka

    Mayumi Iizuka Cast

  6. Photo of Masahiro Ito

    Masahiro Ito Cast

  7. Photo of Yoshimasa Kondô

    Yoshimasa Kondô Cast

  8. Photo of Yuuki Masuda

    Yuuki Masuda Cast

  9. Photo of Yuki Minowa

    Yuki Minowa Cast

  10. Photo of Kazuo Takahashi

    Kazuo Takahashi Cast

  11. Photo of Michie Terada

    Michie Terada Cast

  12. Photo of Yorie Yamashita

    Yorie Yamashita Cast

  13. Photo of Masaru Hoshi

    Masaru Hoshi Music

  14. Photo of Amanda McBroom

    Amanda McBroom Music

  15. Photo of Teruhiko Saigo

    Teruhiko Saigo Music

  16. Photo of Seiichiro Uno

    Seiichiro Uno Music

  17. Photo of Gheorghe Zamfir

    Gheorghe Zamfir Music

  18. Photo of Toshio Suzuki

    Toshio Suzuki Producer

  19. Photo of Hayao Miyazaki

    Hayao Miyazaki Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Naoko Asari

    Naoko Asari Sound

  21. Photo of Masaaki Endo

    Masaaki Endo Animation

  22. Photo of Makiko Futaki

    Makiko Futaki Animation

  23. Photo of Yoshiyuki Hane

    Yoshiyuki Hane Animation

  24. Photo of Atsuko Ikeda

    Atsuko Ikeda Animation

  25. Photo of Toshiyuki Inoue

    Toshiyuki Inoue Animation

  26. Photo of Kuniyuki Ishii

    Kuniyuki Ishii Animation

  27. Photo of Mitsuo Iso

    Mitsuo Iso Animation

  28. Photo of Megumi Kagawa

    Megumi Kagawa Animation

  29. Photo of Katsuya Kondô

    Katsuya Kondô Animation

  30. Photo of Yoshifumi Kondô

    Yoshifumi Kondô Animation

  31. Photo of Mahiro Maeda

    Mahiro Maeda Animation

  32. Photo of Noriko Moritomo

    Noriko Moritomo Animation

  33. Photo of Shinji Morohashi

    Shinji Morohashi Animation

  34. Photo of Masahiro Neriki

    Masahiro Neriki Animation

  35. Photo of Shinji Otsuka

    Shinji Otsuka Animation

  36. Photo of Yoshiharu Sato

    Yoshiharu Sato Animation

  37. Photo of Hiroshi Shimizu

    Hiroshi Shimizu Animation

  38. Photo of Masako Shinohara

    Masako Shinohara Animation

  39. Photo of Sachiko Sugino

    Sachiko Sugino Animation

  40. Photo of Osamu Tanabe

    Osamu Tanabe Animation

  41. Photo of Hirômi Yamakawa

    Hirômi Yamakawa Animation

  42. Photo of Natsuyo Yasuda

    Natsuyo Yasuda Animation

  43. Photo of Shin'ya Ôhira

    Shin'ya Ôhira Animation

  44. Photo of Atsuko Ôtani

    Atsuko Ôtani Animation