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  1. Photo of Tancred Ibsen

    Tancred Ibsen Director

  2. Photo of Lillebil Ibsen

    Lillebil Ibsen Cast

  3. Photo of Tore Foss

    Tore Foss Cast

  4. Photo of Julie Lampe

    Julie Lampe Cast

  5. Photo of Egil Hjorth-Jenssen

    Egil Hjorth-Jenssen Cast

  6. Photo of Leif Amble-Næss

    Leif Amble-Næss Cast

  7. Photo of David Knudsen

    David Knudsen Cast

  8. Photo of August Mowinckel-Nilsen

    August Mowinckel-Nilsen Cast

  9. Photo of Erling Bergendahl

    Erling Bergendahl Producer