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  1. Photo of Mate Relja

    Mate Relja Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Anton Ingolic

    Anton Ingolic Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marinko Cosic

    Marinko Cosic Cast

  4. Photo of Zlatko Kovacic

    Zlatko Kovacic Cast

  5. Photo of Zoran Relja

    Zoran Relja Cast

  6. Photo of Vanja Drach

    Vanja Drach Cast

  7. Photo of Zlatko Madunic

    Zlatko Madunic Cast

  8. Photo of Zlatko Crnkovic

    Zlatko Crnkovic Cast

  9. Photo of Hermina Pipinic

    Hermina Pipinic Cast

  10. Photo of Marija Aleksić

    Marija Aleksić Cast

  11. Photo of Etta Bortolazzi

    Etta Bortolazzi Cast

  12. Photo of Viktor Bek

    Viktor Bek Cast

  13. Photo of Franjo Fruk

    Franjo Fruk Cast

  14. Photo of Velimir Chytil

    Velimir Chytil Cast

  15. Photo of Daina Gyori

    Daina Gyori Cast

  16. Photo of Ivo Fici

    Ivo Fici Cast

  17. Photo of Branko Blazina

    Branko Blazina Cinematography

  18. Photo of Danilo Danev

    Danilo Danev Music