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  1. Photo of Petter Vennerød

    Petter Vennerød Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Svend Wam

    Svend Wam Director, Screenplay Producer

  3. Photo of Philip Øgaard

    Philip Øgaard Cinematography

  4. Photo of Thomas Robsahm

    Thomas Robsahm Cast

  5. Photo of Are Sjaastad

    Are Sjaastad Cast

  6. Photo of Espen Moreite

    Espen Moreite Cast

  7. Photo of Julie Wiggen

    Julie Wiggen Cast

  8. Photo of Jorunn Kjellsby

    Jorunn Kjellsby Cast

  9. Photo of Frank Iversen

    Frank Iversen Cast

  10. Photo of Wenche Foss

    Wenche Foss Cast

  11. Photo of Anders Hatlo

    Anders Hatlo Cast

  12. Photo of Per Theodor Haugen

    Per Theodor Haugen Cast

  13. Photo of Audun Meling

    Audun Meling Cast