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  1. Photo of Roger Allers

    Roger Allers Director

  2. Photo of Anthony Stacchi

    Anthony Stacchi Director

  3. Photo of Jill Culton

    Jill Culton Director

  4. Photo of John B. Carls

    John B. Carls Executive Producer, Screenplay

  5. Photo of Michelle Murdocca

    Michelle Murdocca Producer

  6. Photo of Nat Mauldin

    Nat Mauldin Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ron J. Friedman

    Ron J. Friedman Screenplay

  8. Photo of Steve Bencich

    Steve Bencich Screenplay

  9. Photo of Steve Moore

    Steve Moore Screenplay, Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Martin Lawrence

    Martin Lawrence Cast

  11. Photo of Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton Kutcher Cast

  12. Photo of Debra Messing

    Debra Messing Cast

  13. Photo of Gary Sinise

    Gary Sinise Cast

  14. Photo of Bill Connolly

    Bill Connolly Cast

  15. Photo of Georgia Engel

    Georgia Engel Cast

  16. Photo of Jon Favreau

    Jon Favreau Cast

  17. Photo of Jane Krakowski

    Jane Krakowski Cast

  18. Photo of Gordon Tootoosis

    Gordon Tootoosis Cast

  19. Photo of Cody Cameron

    Cody Cameron Cast

  20. Photo of Patrick Warburton

    Patrick Warburton Cast

  21. Photo of Danny Mann

    Danny Mann Cast

  22. Photo of Nika Futterman

    Nika Futterman Cast

  23. Photo of Jack McGee

    Jack McGee Cast

  24. Photo of Ken Solomon

    Ken Solomon Editing

  25. Photo of Pam Ziegenhagen

    Pam Ziegenhagen Editing

  26. Photo of Michael Humphries

    Michael Humphries Production Design

  27. Photo of Ramin Djawadi

    Ramin Djawadi Music

  28. Photo of Ana Maria Alvarado

    Ana Maria Alvarado Animation

  29. Photo of Cinzia Angelini

    Cinzia Angelini Animation

  30. Photo of Bill Haler

    Bill Haler Animation

  31. Photo of Alexander Williams

    Alexander Williams Animation

  32. Photo of John Wong

    John Wong Animation

  33. Photo of Keith Paciello

    Keith Paciello Animation

  34. Photo of Gavin Moran

    Gavin Moran Animation

  35. Photo of Tim Chau

    Tim Chau Sound

  36. Photo of Nils C. Jensen

    Nils C. Jensen Sound