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  1. Photo of Leonid Gaidai

    Leonid Gaidai Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yakov Kostyukovsky

    Yakov Kostyukovsky Screenplay

  3. Photo of Moris Slobodskoy

    Moris Slobodskoy Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aleksandr Demyanenko

    Aleksandr Demyanenko Cast

  5. Photo of Natalya Seleznyova

    Natalya Seleznyova Cast

  6. Photo of Aleksei Smirnov

    Aleksei Smirnov Cast

  7. Photo of Rina Zelyonaya

    Rina Zelyonaya Cast

  8. Photo of Mikhail Pugovkin

    Mikhail Pugovkin Cast

  9. Photo of Yuriy Nikulin

    Yuriy Nikulin Cast

  10. Photo of Georgiy Vitsin

    Georgiy Vitsin Cast

  11. Photo of Yevgeni Morgunov

    Yevgeni Morgunov Cast

  12. Photo of Vladimir Gulyayev

    Vladimir Gulyayev Cast

  13. Photo of Vladimir Basov

    Vladimir Basov Cast

  14. Photo of Viktor Uralskiy

    Viktor Uralskiy Cast

  15. Photo of Konstantin Brovin

    Konstantin Brovin Cinematography

  16. Photo of Aleksandr Zatsepin

    Aleksandr Zatsepin Music

  17. Photo of Artur Berger

    Artur Berger Production Design

  18. Photo of Valentina Yankovskaya

    Valentina Yankovskaya Editing

  19. Photo of Viktor Babushkin

    Viktor Babushkin Sound

  20. Photo of Vyacheslav Leshchyov

    Vyacheslav Leshchyov Sound