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  1. Photo of Lino Brocka

    Lino Brocka Director

  2. Photo of Jose F. Lacaba

    Jose F. Lacaba Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rody Lacap

    Rody Lacap Cinematography

  4. Photo of Philip Salvador

    Philip Salvador Cast

  5. Photo of Dina Bonnevie

    Dina Bonnevie Cast

  6. Photo of Gina Alajar

    Gina Alajar Cast

  7. Photo of Bembol Roco

    Bembol Roco Cast

  8. Photo of Ginnie Sobrino

    Ginnie Sobrino Cast

  9. Photo of Abbo De La Cruz

    Abbo De La Cruz Cast

  10. Photo of Pen Medina

    Pen Medina Cast

  11. Photo of Joel Lamangan

    Joel Lamangan Cast

  12. Photo of William Lorenzo

    William Lorenzo Cast

  13. Photo of Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil

    Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil Cast

  14. Photo of Khryss Adalia

    Khryss Adalia Cast

  15. Photo of Boy Roque

    Boy Roque Cast

  16. Photo of Connie Chua

    Connie Chua Cast

  17. Photo of John Arcilla

    John Arcilla Cast

  18. Photo of George Jarlego

    George Jarlego Editing

  19. Photo of Sabine Mamou

    Sabine Mamou Editing

  20. Photo of Bob Wade

    Bob Wade Editing

  21. Photo of Hubert Bougis

    Hubert Bougis Music

  22. Photo of Hugo Crotti

    Hugo Crotti Music

  23. Photo of Leonardo De La Fuente

    Leonardo De La Fuente Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Giancarlo Parretti

    Giancarlo Parretti Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Salvatore Picciotto

    Salvatore Picciotto Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Ed Cruz

    Ed Cruz Production Design

  27. Photo of Benjie De Guzman

    Benjie De Guzman Production Design

  28. Photo of Edwin Hipolito

    Edwin Hipolito Production Design

  29. Photo of Buboy Tagayon

    Buboy Tagayon Production Design

  30. Photo of Dodoy Tayao

    Dodoy Tayao Production Design