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  1. Photo of David Paltenghi

    David Paltenghi Director

  2. Photo of Anthony Armstrong

    Anthony Armstrong Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ian Hay

    Ian Hay Screenplay

  4. Photo of Geoffrey Orme

    Geoffrey Orme Screenplay

  5. Photo of Brian Reece

    Brian Reece Cast

  6. Photo of Margot Grahame

    Margot Grahame Cast

  7. Photo of Raymond Huntley

    Raymond Huntley Cast

  8. Photo of Sidney James

    Sidney James Cast

  9. Photo of Tony Hancock

    Tony Hancock Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Sellers

    Peter Sellers Cast

  11. Photo of Clive Morton

    Clive Morton Cast

  12. Photo of June Thorburn

    June Thorburn Cast

  13. Photo of Maureen Swanson

    Maureen Swanson Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Martyn

    Peter Martyn Cast

  15. Photo of Bill Fraser

    Bill Fraser Cast

  16. Photo of Edward Lexy

    Edward Lexy Cast

  17. Photo of Barry MacKay

    Barry MacKay Cast

  18. Photo of Donald Pleasence

    Donald Pleasence Cast

  19. Photo of Eric Sykes

    Eric Sykes Cast and Screenplay

  20. Photo of Arthur Grant

    Arthur Grant Cinematography

  21. Photo of Stanley Black

    Stanley Black Music

  22. Photo of Ray Simm

    Ray Simm Production Design

  23. Photo of Donald Taylor

    Donald Taylor Producer and Screenplay

  24. Photo of Joseph Sterling

    Joseph Sterling Editing