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  1. Photo of Carl Theodor Dreyer

    Carl Theodor Dreyer Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Karen Petersen

    Karen Petersen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jesper Gottschalch

    Jesper Gottschalch Screenplay

  4. Photo of Henrik Malberg

    Henrik Malberg Cast

  5. Photo of Emil Hass Christensen

    Emil Hass Christensen Cast

  6. Photo of Preben Lerdorff Rye

    Preben Lerdorff Rye Cast

  7. Photo of Hanne Ågesen

    Hanne Ågesen Cast

  8. Photo of Ove Rud

    Ove Rud Cast

  9. Photo of Edith Trane

    Edith Trane Cast

  10. Photo of Henry Skjær

    Henry Skjær Cast

  11. Photo of Susanne Rud

    Susanne Rud Cast

  12. Photo of Ann Elisabeth Rud

    Ann Elisabeth Rud Cast

  13. Photo of Gerda Nielsen

    Gerda Nielsen Cast

  14. Photo of Cay Kristiansen

    Cay Kristiansen Cast

  15. Photo of Birgitte Federspiel

    Birgitte Federspiel Cast

  16. Photo of Sylvia Eckhausen

    Sylvia Eckhausen Cast

  17. Photo of Kirsten Andreasen

    Kirsten Andreasen Cast

  18. Photo of Ejner Federspiel

    Ejner Federspiel Cast

  19. Photo of Henning Bendtsen

    Henning Bendtsen Cinematography

  20. Photo of John Carlsen

    John Carlsen Cinematography

  21. Photo of Erik Wittrup Willumsen

    Erik Wittrup Willumsen Cinematography

  22. Photo of Poul Schierbeck

    Poul Schierbeck Music

  23. Photo of Sylvia Shierbeck

    Sylvia Shierbeck Music

  24. Photo of Emil Reesen

    Emil Reesen Music

  25. Photo of Erik Aaes

    Erik Aaes Production Design

  26. Photo of Erik Nielsen

    Erik Nielsen Producer

  27. Photo of Tage Nielsen

    Tage Nielsen Producer

  28. Photo of Edith Schlüssel

    Edith Schlüssel Editing

  29. Photo of Knud Kristensen

    Knud Kristensen Sound