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  1. Photo of Thaddeus O'Sullivan

    Thaddeus O'Sullivan Director

  2. Photo of Gerard Stembridge

    Gerard Stembridge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kevin Spacey

    Kevin Spacey Cast

  4. Photo of Linda Fiorentino

    Linda Fiorentino Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Mullan

    Peter Mullan Cast

  6. Photo of Stephen Dillane

    Stephen Dillane Cast

  7. Photo of Helen Baxendale

    Helen Baxendale Cast

  8. Photo of David Hayman

    David Hayman Cast

  9. Photo of Patrick Malahide

    Patrick Malahide Cast

  10. Photo of Gerard McSorley

    Gerard McSorley Cast

  11. Photo of David Kelly

    David Kelly Cast

  12. Photo of Gary Lydon

    Gary Lydon Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Ronan

    Paul Ronan Cast

  14. Photo of Colin Farrell

    Colin Farrell Cast

  15. Photo of Vincent Regan

    Vincent Regan Cast

  16. Photo of Tim Loane

    Tim Loane Cast

  17. Photo of Christoph Waltz

    Christoph Waltz Cast

  18. Photo of Bill Murphy

    Bill Murphy Cast

  19. Photo of Tony Coleman

    Tony Coleman Cast

  20. Photo of Barry Barnes

    Barry Barnes Cast

  21. Photo of Anthony Brophy

    Anthony Brophy Cast

  22. Photo of Paul Roe

    Paul Roe Cast

  23. Photo of Paul Hickey

    Paul Hickey Cast

  24. Photo of Tom Maguire

    Tom Maguire Cast

  25. Photo of Joe Gallagher

    Joe Gallagher Cast

  26. Photo of Herbert Knaup

    Herbert Knaup Cast

  27. Photo of Alan Devlin

    Alan Devlin Cast

  28. Photo of Jer O'Leary

    Jer O'Leary Cast

  29. Photo of Hugh B. O'Brien

    Hugh B. O'Brien Cast

  30. Photo of Andrew Dunn

    Andrew Dunn Cinematography

  31. Photo of Damon Albarn

    Damon Albarn Music

  32. Photo of Tony Burrough

    Tony Burrough Production Design

  33. Photo of Jonathan Cavendish

    Jonathan Cavendish Producer

  34. Photo of Martha O'Neill

    Martha O'Neill Producer

  35. Photo of Ralph Kamp

    Ralph Kamp Executive Producer

  36. Photo of James Mitchell

    James Mitchell Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Christine Ruppert

    Christine Ruppert Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Rod Stoneman

    Rod Stoneman Executive Producer

  39. Photo of Paul Tucker

    Paul Tucker Executive Producer

  40. Photo of William M. Anderson

    William M. Anderson Editing

  41. Photo of Paul Carr

    Paul Carr Sound

  42. Photo of Kieran Horgan

    Kieran Horgan Sound