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  1. Photo of Vasili Levin

    Vasili Levin Director

  2. Photo of Aleksei Leonov

    Aleksei Leonov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Valentin Selivanov

    Valentin Selivanov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Leonid Bakshtayev

    Leonid Bakshtayev Cast

  5. Photo of Gennadi Shkuratov

    Gennadi Shkuratov Cast

  6. Photo of Anatoliy Mateshko

    Anatoliy Mateshko Cast

  7. Photo of Vitali Doroshenko

    Vitali Doroshenko Cast

  8. Photo of Lyudmila Smorodina

    Lyudmila Smorodina Cast

  9. Photo of Anatoliy Azo

    Anatoliy Azo Cast

  10. Photo of Givi Tokhadze

    Givi Tokhadze Cast

  11. Photo of Elena Tonunts

    Elena Tonunts Cast

  12. Photo of Andrey Gradov

    Andrey Gradov Cast

  13. Photo of Valentin Kulik

    Valentin Kulik Cast

  14. Photo of Vadim Avloshenko

    Vadim Avloshenko Cinematography

  15. Photo of Eduard Gubskij

    Eduard Gubskij Cinematography

  16. Photo of Yuri Lemeshev

    Yuri Lemeshev Cinematography

  17. Photo of Aleksandr Tokarev

    Aleksandr Tokarev Production Design

  18. Photo of Larisa Tokareva

    Larisa Tokareva Production Design