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  1. Photo of Brian Large

    Brian Large Director

  2. Photo of Alessandro Striggio

    Alessandro Striggio Screenplay

  3. Photo of Montserrat Figueras

    Montserrat Figueras Cast

  4. Photo of Furio Zanasi

    Furio Zanasi Cast

  5. Photo of Arianna Savall

    Arianna Savall Cast

  6. Photo of Sara Mingardo

    Sara Mingardo Cast

  7. Photo of Cécile van de Sant

    Cécile van de Sant Cast

  8. Photo of Antonio Abete

    Antonio Abete Cast

  9. Photo of Adriana Fernández

    Adriana Fernández Cast

  10. Photo of Daniele Carnovich

    Daniele Carnovich Cast

  11. Photo of Fulvio Bettini

    Fulvio Bettini Cast

  12. Photo of Mercedez Hernández

    Mercedez Hernández Cast

  13. Photo of Marília Vargas

    Marília Vargas Cast

  14. Photo of Gerd Türk

    Gerd Türk Cast

  15. Photo of Francesc Garrigosa

    Francesc Garrigosa Cast

  16. Photo of Carlos Mena

    Carlos Mena Cast

  17. Photo of Ivan Garcia

    Ivan Garcia Cast

  18. Photo of La Capella Reial de Catalunya

    La Capella Reial de Catalunya Music

  19. Photo of Le Concert des Nations

    Le Concert des Nations Music

  20. Photo of Claudio Monteverdi

    Claudio Monteverdi Music

  21. Photo of Jordi Savall

    Jordi Savall Music

  22. Photo of William Orlandi

    William Orlandi Production Design and Costume Design

  23. Photo of Hans Petri

    Hans Petri Producer

  24. Photo of Steve Eveleigh

    Steve Eveleigh Editing