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  1. Photo of João Tavares

    João Tavares Director

  2. Photo of João Freire Correia

    João Freire Correia Screenplay, Cinematography Producer

  3. Photo of Lino Ferreira

    Lino Ferreira Screenplay

  4. Photo of Barbosa Júnior

    Barbosa Júnior Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alfredo de Sousa

    Alfredo de Sousa Cast

  6. Photo of Amélia Soares

    Amélia Soares Cast

  7. Photo of Gertrudes Lima

    Gertrudes Lima Cast

  8. Photo of Alberto Ghira

    Alberto Ghira Cast

  9. Photo of Narciso Vaz

    Narciso Vaz Cast

  10. Photo of Artur Braga

    Artur Braga Cast

  11. Photo of Jose Climaco

    Jose Climaco Cast

  12. Photo of Frederico Matos

    Frederico Matos Cast

  13. Photo of Alda Soares

    Alda Soares Cast

  14. Photo of Antonio Leal

    Antonio Leal Cast

  15. Photo of Manuel Cardoso Pereira

    Manuel Cardoso Pereira Executive Producer