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  1. Photo of Rui Simões

    Rui Simões Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacinta Barros

    Jacinta Barros Producer

  3. Photo of Sara Carinhas

    Sara Carinhas Cast

  4. Photo of Carolina Mayer

    Carolina Mayer Cast

  5. Photo of João Ricardo

    João Ricardo Cast

  6. Photo of Suzana Borges

    Suzana Borges Cast

  7. Photo of Dalila Carmo

    Dalila Carmo Cast

  8. Photo of Beatriz Nunes

    Beatriz Nunes Cast

  9. Photo of Gonçalo Matias

    Gonçalo Matias Cast

  10. Photo of Inês Belmarço

    Inês Belmarço Cast

  11. Photo of Laura Groz

    Laura Groz Cast

  12. Photo of Madalena Graça

    Madalena Graça Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Ana Sousa

    Maria Ana Sousa Cast

  14. Photo of Pedro Krug

    Pedro Krug Cast

  15. Photo of Pedro Lucas

    Pedro Lucas Cast

  16. Photo of Rita Madeira

    Rita Madeira Cast

  17. Photo of Sara Gentil Homem

    Sara Gentil Homem Cast

  18. Photo of Tiago Fidalgo

    Tiago Fidalgo Cast

  19. Photo of Vera Moreira Rato

    Vera Moreira Rato Cast

  20. Photo of Francisco Costa

    Francisco Costa Editing

  21. Photo of Quintino Bastos

    Quintino Bastos Sound

  22. Photo of Susana Mota

    Susana Mota Costume Design