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  1. Photo of Shin Togashi

    Shin Togashi Director

  2. Photo of Sadao Iwahara

    Sadao Iwahara Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Toshiaki Nakazawa

    Toshiaki Nakazawa Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Nobuyuki Tohya

    Nobuyuki Tohya Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Arimasa Okada

    Arimasa Okada Producer

  6. Photo of Nobuyuki Tanizawa

    Nobuyuki Tanizawa Producer

  7. Photo of Kensuke Zushi

    Kensuke Zushi Producer

  8. Photo of Kota Yamada

    Kota Yamada Screenplay

  9. Photo of Kokone Hamada

    Kokone Hamada Cast

  10. Photo of Aya Ueto

    Aya Ueto Cast

  11. Photo of Kayoko Kishimoto

    Kayoko Kishimoto Cast

  12. Photo of Manami Igashira

    Manami Igashira Cast

  13. Photo of Ayako Kobayashi

    Ayako Kobayashi Cast

  14. Photo of Shinnosuke Mitsushima

    Shinnosuke Mitsushima Cast

  15. Photo of Ryôsuke Nogi

    Ryôsuke Nogi Cast

  16. Photo of Mitsuo Nishio

    Mitsuo Nishio Editing

  17. Photo of Hisashi Iwamaru

    Hisashi Iwamaru Sound

  18. Photo of Osamu Takeuchi

    Osamu Takeuchi Costume Design